In 2019 made it clear that they no longer have the community best interest in mind and lost the trust of many community leaders. It's also unclear if they will still be around tomorrow.
Today we have in-person usergroups across Canada and the US with over 7,000 members. We have already experienced dramatic price fluctuations for our meetup host subscriptions.
So with that in mind we have started down the road of retiring

We are currently experimenting with multiple membership and event management platforms, however we will be consolidating them all on this page, giving you a link here that will redirect to the sign up page, and also showing the consolidated history of our events all here. So www.PublicCloud.Ninja is the only address to remember!

What we're about

At PUC (People Using Cloud) we gather together to discuss, explore and even get hands on with Cloud solutions and services. We are all about the "Cloud" both Public and Hybrid and not any certain vendor, with no marketing talks, just brief thanks to any sponsors who provide food, drinks and a venue. It's an interesting and competitive area, with so many new announcements each week, and the potential to impact every industry.

So we gather once a month to keep an eye on what is happening, learn about new advances and network with like minded people. We aim to talk on all levels of skill from beginner to advanced, and keep things interesting, interactive and creative.
What do we mean by "creative"? Well in past meetups we've controlled a drone using the cloud, had live bands singing only "cloud" songs, had a cooking show on the topic of chef, and much more!

Our events today are held in Vancouver Canada, and Seattle US.
We've been running monthly events since 2014, and have over 7,000 members

Click here to become a Canadian member
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Next Event

Due to the COVID-19 virus we've been forced to cancel our Vancouver March event at Hootsuites HQ
Until futher notice we will be suspending our monthly in-person events in both Vancouver and Seattle
However we will be continuing with our monthly Cloud News Vidcast and Podcast which you can find links for at the top of this page (Youtube, Spotify, and iTunes)

Past Events

Vancouver, Canada

Seattle, US

Title: How to build a container website in minutes
Date: 24 March 2020
Location: Online Webinar
Attendees: 32
Details: To make up for our cancellation of our March event due to the virus we will be holding an online community event. This will the first of its type for us, so please send us your ideas and feedback and let us know if you want to get involved.
Our focus for this event will be around containers on Azure.
We'll look at the different options you have with AKS, App Service, running on Redhat, and more.
We'll also do a live demo with a stop clock, timing how fast we can build a website in a container (we're aiming for less than 3mins!)
We'll also be taking questions and community interaction during the online event.
Looking forward to seeing everyone online!
Title: Azure DevOps for the Commodore 64
Date: 13 Feb 2020
Location: Microsoft Building 20
Details: Ever heard "We can't do DevOps because of [insert technical excuse here]" ?

This session will expose that lie with a trip back to the 1980’s with DevOps demonstrated with 8-bit assembly code, bulletin boards and a real Commodore 64. We will walk through an automated delivery pipeline using Azure and Azure DevOps to develop, build , approve and release native C64 code to a real C64 live.
Along the way we’ll look at how to build your own Azure DevOps Extensions and leverage Azure services to help bridge a variety of technical barriers.

Experience/relive the glory and horror of 80’s technology and learn to push DevOps even further. Inconceivable!

NOTE: This meeting is on the 2nd Thursday, not the 3rd Thursday to accommodate the speaker. Pizza and networking at 6:30!

Title: Serverless DevOps on Azure
Date: 18 Feb 2020
Location: CDW Vancouver Office
Attendees: 24
Details: Are you tired like me of having to patch and upgrade Linux and Windows operating systems to host simple workloads? Well the PUC group have spent the last 6mths looking for meetup alternatives and we decided to create a membership signup and database using serverless solutions on Azure.

We share with you what we've done, what we learnt and where we're going. We'll be touching on Azure functions, event grid and .NET

Title: Azure Arc: What is it and what can you do with it?
Date: 16 Jan 2020
Location: Microsoft Building 20
Attendees: 50
Details: Azure Arc was announced at Ignite, and in this meetup we have the pleasure of having both Travis Wright and Nir Ben Zvi coming to talk about Azure Arc in great detail, from server and K8s management to Azure Arc-enabled data services and Kubernetes. You don't want to miss this one!
Title: Hybrid Cloud Solutions exposed
Date: Jan 2020
Location: CDW Vancouver Office
Attendees: 77
Details: Join us as we explore the world of running the cloud in your own data center with Azure Stack. What does entry level look like and what's the difference between Azure Stack and just a simple branded name server box running vmware?
We'll also look at Microsoft's newly announced service, Azure Arc, the hybrid and multi-cloud platform from Microsoft.
Title: Getting your Freak on with Azure Synapse Analytics
Date: 12 Dec 2019
Location: Microsoft Building 25
Attendees: 33
Details: A LOT of great things were announced at Ignite so we have plenty to talk about in the coming months! As such as, our December meetup welcomes a very special speaker and topic! Saveen Reddy, Principal Group PM Manager will talk about Azure Synapse Analytics, a limitless analytics service, which brings together traditional warehousing and big data analytics.

Azure Synapse Analytics is Azure SQL Data Warehouse evolved, taking the Azure SQL Data Warehouse to a whole new level of performance and capabilities. It unifies the experience of ingesting, preparing, managing, and serving data for immediate BI and machine learning applications.
Title: Celebrate 2019 Cloud
Date: 3 Dec 2019
Location: PINT Pub
Attendees: 53
Details: Join us at the PINT pub as we recap the biggest impacting announcements in the Cloud space for 2019, as well as eat, drink, network and be merry with fellow cloud enthusiast. We'll also be having a cloud trivia quiz with prizes from various sponsors for the night.
We look forward to seeing you there!
Title: Connected Things with Microsoft Azure IoT
Date: 21 Nov 2019
Location: Microsoft Building 25
Attendees: 42
Details: November is all about IoT, the Internet of Things. This month we have Olivier Bloch, Principal Program Manager in the Azure IoT product group. Olivier will talk about the space of connected things, the services that connect and control IoT assets (such as devices) and the scenarios where IoT comes into play.

Microsoft has a portfolio of IoT services that supports the needs of all customers, and Olivier will provide insight into the services and how to use these services to build your own IoT solution!

This will be in building 25, room 1367!

Title: Recap on Microsoft Ignite Conference
Date: 19 Nov 2019
Location: CDW Vancouver Office
Attendees: 87
Details: Join us as we go over the key announcements which happened at Microsoft Ignite 2019. Including:
-Azure Arc
-AI getting built into Microsoft products
-Azure Synapse Analytics
-Project Cortex
-Web Based Visual Studio
-Power Virtual Agents (no code/low code chatbots)
-and much more
You can also check out our special edition youtube coverage of the event here
In just 8mins we cover all the major highlights from Ignite 2019

Title: Understanding the Azure Data Services
Date: 15 May 2019
Location: Microsoft Building 25
Attendees: 68
Details: Get the detailed scoop on Microsoft's Azure relational data services, including Azure SQL Database, SQL DW, Managed Instance, and more. This presentation will look at what they are, how they work, how they integrate with other Azure services, and real-world scenarios where they are used.
Title: What's VMware and AWS doing?
Date: Oct 2019
Location: Vancouver Telus Gardens building
Attendees: 97
Details: On Oct 23rd at beautiful TELUS Garden in Vancouver downtown, we are going to have our first joint event with the Vancouver VMware UserGroup (VMUG), as it makes sense with all the integrations between VMware and Cloud platforms.

Please RSVP before Oct 21st afternoon (12:00PM) since Amazon office require list of attendees before the event; Please type your name as it appears on your government ID card

11:00 AM - 11:30 AM: Welcome/Registration/Coffee
11:30 AM - 11:50 AM: Intro. and overall recap on Cloud announcements in the last 30 days
11:50 AM - 12:20 PM: Break and Vancouver VMUG Updates
12:20 PM - 12:50 PM: Project Pacific by Jeff Owen
12:50 PM - 1:00 PM: Draw and Wrapup

Prizes and Giveaways:
> VMware Workstation Pro 11 license (~CA$220)
> Amazon CA$40 gift card
> VMUG notepad, hat and many more
Title: Cloud Security Done Right
Date: 25 Sept 2019
Location: Vancouver Sophos Downtown Office
Attendees: 83
Details: Overview
Have you read about all these company's leaving their AWS S3 storage buckets open to the public with sensitive company data in them? Containers and Serverless Cloud services being found on cloud hosts, wide open for people to get into? Are you using or looking to use Azure, AWS, Google GCP, Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud, VMware Cloud?

Security should be important to everyone and in this new cloud world it's easy to leave holes if you don't have the right blueprints, governance, monitoring, visibility, logs and alerting setup. Join us for our Security focused Cloud Usergroup event, where we'll have 2 speakers talk about Cloud Security.

Wednesday Sept 25th will see:
-Recap on the latest Cloud Announcements
-Talk on Cloud Security Best Practices
-Talk on Cloud and Hybrid Network Security
-Lightning talks. (let us know if you want the floor for 3mins)

We'll also make time during the night for you to network with other community members with drinks and food provided.

We look forward to seeing you there!
Title: Recap on Microsoft Inspire Conference
Date: 6 Aug 2019
Location: CDW Vancouver Office
Details: Join us as we go over the key announcements which happened at Microsoft Inspire 2019. Including:
-Growth projections for Microsoft Cloud
-What's happening with Hololens and Azure combined
-New Azure Lighthouse
-and much more
Title:Recap on Microsoft Build Conference
Date: 16 July 2019
Location: Scalar Vancouver Office
Attendees: 79
Details: Join us as we go over the key announcements which happened at Microsoft Ignite 2019.
You can also check out our special edition youtube coverage of the event here
In just 11mins we cover all the major highlights from Build 2019


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